About us

History, how it started...

Hoops For Gambia was created during our holiday in 2017, where my wife Desiree and I Eddie, both avid basketball fans and I also work as a basketball coach, went looking for a basketball club in Gambia. That's how we discovered the Bakau Basketball Academy (BBA). An initiative started by two basketball enthusiasts with the aim of teaching young people about basketball and keeping them away from the streets. Inspired by their dedication, we liaised with the BBA after our return from holiday in the Netherlands and worked with the Corendon Foundation to expand the project.

During the trips in 2018 and 2019 we carried out various activities, ranging from try-outs for the national youth team to donating clothing and laptops. However, the corona pandemic temporarily put a stop to everything, but in 2023 we picked up the thread again and decided to establish Hoops for Gambia as an official foundation with ambitious goals for the coming years.

Mission and vision
Our mission is to use basketball to keep young people away from crime and drugs, to give them self-esteem and to teach them norms and values that are essential in everyday life. We aim to not only impart basketball skills, but also provide guidance in education and degree attainment.

Objectives (First 3 Years)
• Rebuilding the U20 national youth team.
• Organizing clinics for youth and other clubs.
• Providing clinics for trainers and coaches.
• Maintaining and renovating basketball courts throughout the country.
• Building a sustainable basketball court at the BBA with solar panels.
• Donate clothing, shoes, basketballs and more.
• Guaranteeing continuity for the entire project.

How do we want to achieve this?
• Active approach to business sponsorship.
• Sponsorship campaigns via the NBB monthly newsletter.
• Involving clubs in the project with annual goals and activities.
• Annual application to Corendon Foundation for sponsorship.
• Conduct discussions with companies that specialize in solar panels.
• Inventory of members after the corona period.
• Have conversations with trainers and coaches about clinics and any questions you may have for help.
• Inventory of courts and their condition.
• Discussions with sports ministry and Independence Stadium for building a roof.
• Cost calculation and discussions with contractors for the roof.
• Selecting players for the U20 national team.
• Donate clothing, shoes and basketballs to several clubs in the country.

Continue to develop, grow and continuity.

Hoops for Gambia

By giving clinics for youth and coaches, we try to give youth a goal. Creating a brotherhood through basketball and teaching youth standards and values through sports, but school and education remain number 1!

Further actions include renovating basketball courts, providing the right materials and ensuring continuity. Also distributing clothing, basketball shoes and balls through sponsorship and offered by people and basketball clubs.

We use experience to achieve our goal.

Our goals

  • Rebuilding the u20 national youth team.
  • Providing clinics for youth, BBA and other clubs in the country.
  • Providing clinics for trainers and coaches in the country.
  • Maintaining and renovating courts throughout the country.
  • Build a roof at the BBA with solar panels for a sustainable square.
  • Donate clothing, shoes, basketball and more.
  • Ensure continuity for the entire project.

Your donation is welcome!