Corendon supports Bakau Basketball Academy

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Last December, Edward Spier traveled to Gambia for the fourth time at our expense. Edward was an avid athlete until he developed a condition in his ankles. Now he uses his passion for sports to help young people in Gambia. In recent years, the Corendon Foundation has sponsored the travel and stay of Edward Spier and his wife, so that he could set up and expand the Bakau Basketball Academy (BBA) together with the Gambian Rueben and Staples.

Nearly 300 children can now come and play basketball for a few hours every day of the week. Thanks to Corendon, the young people were also recently provided with a new outfit.

The youth in Gambia

Rueben and Staples are committed with heart and soul to the young people from the deprived areas of Bakau. They have a lot of support from Edward who gives them clinics and exercises remotely. The two can be found volunteering on the basketball court every day, in addition to their normal jobs. And that is necessary, because many children lack role models in their immediate environment. Without distractions, they quickly come into contact with alcohol and drugs.

Edward has done an enormous amount of work in Gambia and remotely in the Netherlands in recent years. The basketball court at the Independence Stadium in Banjul - the only official basketball court in the whole of Gambia - is on loan, so they sometimes cannot use it. That is why Edward is in discussions with local authorities to be allocated a place for its own playing field. He has now been given the green light and the BBA can hopefully soon move to a more future-proof location.

In the meantime, Edward continues with his work, because the new field also needs a roof, so that they can continue to play even when it rains. In addition, there is a constant need for sportswear, shoes and basketballs. That is why Corendon has also sponsored 150 new shirts. With his Hoops for Gambia foundation, Edward hopes that he can raise enough money in the coming years to keep the BBA running and to help children in the rest of the country with sports activities. Would you also like to contribute? Visit Hoops for Gambia for more information.

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